What about the ferry?

I'm glad you asked me that. The 'wig ferry (or possibly WIG Ferry) is of an ekranoplan design, and carries 400 earwigs (plus crew) anywhere on the river they feel the need to go:

TL5+2 'wig ferry

Crew: 8 total including 1 officerwig. 4 crew stations covering vehicle  
control (helm, piloting). 4 stewardwigs.

Subassemblies: Vehicle +0, 2xWings -2, Body +0. 

P&P: 25 lbs. thrust light turbofan (vectored thrust; short term 

Fuel: 4.5 gal self-sealing standard fuel tank (fire modifier -1), 4.5 
gal jet fuel (fire 13). 

Occ: four normal earwig crew stations (bridge access), 400 roomy earwig 
passenger seats (superior access)

Armor F   RL  B   T   U
Wings 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Body  2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2

Size: [LxWxH] 6.17'x1.54'x0.772'
Payload: 29.8 lbs.
Lwt.: 133 lbs.
Volume: 7.35 cf
Maint.: 162 hours (0.592 mh/day)
Price: $15,194 

HT: 12
HP: 3 each [2xWings], 7 [Body]. 

Water Performance: Top Speed 14 mph, wAcc 4 mph/s, wDec 5 mph/s (7 
mph/s), wMR 0.75, wSR 4, Draft 0.3 ft, Drag 2, Flotation 257 lbs.

Air Performance: Motive Thrust 25 lbs., Stall Speed 20 mph, Top Speed 
125 mph, Terminal Velocity 285 mph, Glide Speed 114 mph, Glide Ratio 
25.2:1, aAccel 4 mph/s, aMR 9.44, aSR 3, aDecel 37.8 mph/s, Water Take 
off 25 yds, Water Landing 20 yds.

Design Notes: 
TL7 extra light frame standard materials [Vehicle].
TL7 DR 2 expensive metal [Vehicle].
Operating Duration:  6 H.
Payload Cost: $13.5
Vehicle Features: electronic controls, waterproofed, good streamlining.
Air Features: flarecraft wings.
Water Features:  fine lines, flotation, hydrodynamic.
Body: sealed.
Wings: sealed.
Volume: 1 cf [2xWings], 5.35 cf [Body].
Area: 9 sf [2xWings], 19 sf [Body].
Empty Space: 1 cf [2xWings], 2 cf [Body].
Book Options: Vehicles Expansion stall speed.

The 'wig ferry is operated by the Abon and Drakewater Steamship Company, although technically it is neither steam-powered nor a ship.

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