What's all this about steeples then?

It all got started when the Summer Fete was being organised in 2002, and Omega (the Village Handything) posted:

Are we going to have a steeple drive as part of it? If so then I think it comes partly under Vicky's bailiwick.

And Beetle, who should have known better, replied:

We certainly *need* to have a steeple drive... maybe a steeple chase to raise funds and/or steal one from somewhere else?
I didn't say that! I can't believe I said that!

At which point forficuline instinct took over, and RSM Willie pointed out:

We can do that! Little Netheringhampton has a lovely steeple it hardly ever uses!

So we went and chased the steeple, and then things got a little ugly. But the steeple got glued back in place in Little Netheringhampton eventually and it's nearly as good as new. It wasn't nearly as hard to fix as the Uzbekistan incident.

I hear nasty rumours about your singing...
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